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The Pure Wool
Knitwear Collection

Pure wool zip cardigan
Pure wool sheep

Exceptional Quality

Pure Wool Sourced from a special breed of Australian sheep that yields some of the world’s finest pure wool fibres.
Extra-fine Softness Our collection features pieces in 19.5-micron wool. The hand feel is as soft as cashmere, but breezier, making it ideal for lighter weight knits.
Artisanal Craftsmanship Garments are fully-fashioned, as evidenced by faint-dotted lines along the sleeve-head. Individual pieces are also hand-linked, whereby each tiny knit-loop at the end of every component is expertly joined by hand.
Pure wool yarn
Hand-finished pure wool

Hallmarks of Pure Wool

Beyond just the unmatched quality and luxury of pure wool, this renowned fabric also brings practical characteristics that make it an excellent choice. Hypoallergenic, breathable, thermoregulating, superb moisture wicking and insulation that make it perfect in all seasons are just a few of the features that makes pure wool a standout among other fabrics.