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Expedition Jort:
The Tailoring Trail

Our resident sartorial historian Jort Kelder takes a trip around the world to the source of the finest raw material for our collections.

We flew around the world, searching far and wide for the richest Merino wool in Australia, the softest Peruvian alpaca, the finest French linen and the most radiant Indonesian mother-of-pearl. Follow us as we discover where the world’s best materials are found and cultivated, then make them your own with the Custom Made Jort Collection.

Peruvian Alpaca


Those familiar with the lives and environment of the alpaca—5000 meters up in Peru’s Andes mountains—can’t help but admire these animals and respect their shepherds.

Alpaca is a unique and extremely durable fiber. Our supplier, Inca Tops, has improved both sustainability practices and the quality of life for local alpaca farmers—perfecting the quality of alpine wool along the way. They’ve created superior softness with a 16-micron thick yarn that feels like cashmere.

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Linen Cotton by Di Sondrio, Italy
Mix & Match
Pure S110's Wool by Vitale Barberis Canonico, Italy

Australian Merino

Merino Wool

Our search for superior wool leads us down under, to Australia’s famous Merino sheep.

Introduced to Australia in the mid-19th century, Merino wool makes for an exceptionally soft fabric. Merino is among the world's most luxurious types of wool. Its fine fibers, notable breathability, and natural crease resistance make this lightweight wool a smart pick for refined year-round pieces.

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Indonesian Mother of Pearl


For the smaller collection details, we literally had to do a deep dive to find the world’s finest mother-of-pearl.

Lombok, Indonesia: home to the world’s best nesting grounds for mother-of-pearl oysters. Crystal clear waters and high maintenance & monitoring practices have made for some of the highest quality oyster. After 2 years, they are opened and transformed into our most luxurious buttons.

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