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Men’s Wedding Attire
by Season

Men’s Wedding
Attire by Season

Black tuxedo for a black tie occasion such as a wedding or gala.

While most fits, colors, and patterns can lend themselves to year-round wedding wear when properly layered & styled, there are certain picks that are better suited for specific seasons. Though it’s important to consider the setting and climate when choosing your color—let’s face it, pastels in winter are generally a no-go—there’s perhaps no more important factor than the seasonal fabric. Our guide to seasonal formal and cocktail wedding attire is your foundation for knowing which fabrics, styles & shades work best, and for what season.

Spring Weddings: Breathable Fabrics, More Color

After a long, cold winter, spring is that in-between time where it’s not exactly cold, yet not quite hot—nevertheless, it’s the season to shed some of those outer layers and welcome a more lightweight take on your style. Lighter fabrics and colors are at the core of spring style, though some layers are always welcome for those cool spring nights and more elevated spring wedding dress codes. When it comes to formal nuptials, fine wools blended with silk, cotton or linen are an excellent starting point for spring fabrics. Not only does this blend gives you the rich structure and resilience of wool, but linen and cotton make it breathable, while silk blends remain lightweight and undeniably luxurious.

Side shot of a green wool silk linen blend suit.

Wool-silk blends — A breathable linen-silk blend is the perfect spring pick.

When going formal this season, a 3-piece suit is a sure thing for a versatile transitional style. An elegant and adaptable piece like our brown wool-silk-linen blend Havana suit boasts the perfect balance of classic refinement and seasonal versatility. Keep it a 3-piece for a more upscale touch. After the ceremony, lose the tie and waistcoat for a cocktail-ready ensemble. Alternatively, a cocktail look can always go a little bolder, as with our double-breasted cotton Havana suits. This classic style packs a sartorial punch with widened peak lapels and a 6-button closure, all in a versatile brown shade that’s exceptionally comfortable and perfectly at home schmoozing at any spring wedding reception.

An image featuring our brown 3 piece wool silk linen suit, paired with a light brown knitted tie.

With spring weddings trending toward the easygoing side, it’s a perfect opportunity to bring in some loafers, chukkas, or (depending on the setting & dress code) even a pair of fine, Italian calf leather sneakers.

Summer Weddings: Keeping your Cool

Summertime is the season to minimize the layers and maximize the breathability. With summer weddings tending to be much more relaxed than their fall counterparts, and so many taking place in outdoor settings, a few fabrics are the undisputed kings of the season, but one stands in a league of its own—linen. A staple fit like our light brown Havana makes an excellent choice. Tailored slim and crafted from a blend of linen and cotton to minimize linen’s characteristic wrinkling, this 3-piece suit makes a refined pick for any upscale summer wedding.

An image featuring our 3- piece light brown Havana suit.

Lightly Colored Layers —The 3-piece Havana in a light brown shade is the perfect balance of style depth & easygoing aesthetic, while maintaing a breathable look.

Remember, even formal summer weddings leave a little room for a touch of relaxed aesthetic, and this sophisticated and highly adaptable pick walks that line effortlessly. If you’re not looking for that 3rd layer the waistcoat provides, and instead in the mood for something a little more traditionally straightforward, a lightweight summer wool suit blended with a touch of lustrous silk and breathable linen makes a great alternative. Structured, yet still airy enough for summer comfort, a suit in this blend, like our light blue 3-piece Havana is by far the classic wedding suit during the summer season.

An image featuring Suitsupply’s light blue wool & silk linen blend suit, perfect for a summer wedding.

Summer blues - When in doubt, a light blue suit in a balanced wool, silk & linen blend is always a safe choice.

When the summer wedding ceremony has run its course, and the time has come to cut a rug on the dancefloor, this is a great opportunity to embrace one of the most practical summer staples and one perhaps the most iconic and instantly-recognizable fabric of all time—seersucker! Known for their open weave and hallmark puckered structured, cotton seersucker suits are made to keep trap air to keep you cool all season long. Choose a classic striped design to keep it traditional or go a little more modern, like with our green stretch cotton seersucker suit.

A lightweight fabric great for summer, the seersucker suit.

Semi-Formal Summer — A cool, lightweight fabric, like a classic cotton seersucker, is always a smart choice.

When it comes to summer comfort, and undisputed cocktail-ready style, you can’t beat this fabric, and few shoes complement seersucker like a good loafer. Leather or suede, penny or tassel, with a pair of sockless loafers makes the perfect relaxed-yet-refined pairing to any well-considered summer wedding style.

Fall Weddings: Deep Colors, Rich Fabrics

When the weather starts cooling down a little bit, most of us jump at the opportunity to bust out the big layers and indulge in insulating fibers. But when it comes to weddings in the fall, there’s no need to go overboard on excessively heavy fabrics. Step into the season with deep tones, mid-weight fabrics, and rich textures. For those fall weddings, it never hurts to emphasize seasonal colors like browns, camel or other natural earth tones. Standout shades like burnt orange, purple or rich greens are also welcome.

Make a statement in this brown havana suit, paired up with a silk turtleneck.

Bring in A Knit — A slim turtleneck makes a comfortable, yet still formal, substitute for the shirt & tie.

Our double-breasted Havana suit in a deep burgundy shade brings a bold hue that gets noticed without being overbearing. A bold, timeless style tailored in a slim, up-to-date aesthetic; this cocktail-ready piece brings a blend of rich Italian wool with ultra-soft mohair for a well-rounded piece that’s as easy to move in as it is refined. For the more formal side of fall weddings, treat yourself to a little elegance.

Zoomed image of the Brown Havana Suit paired with a silk turtle neck and a white pocketsquare.
A close up look at the kissing buttons on a Suitsupply’s suit.

A wool and silk blend makes for a soft, sophisticated fabric that provides a subtle touch of sheen and is just warm enough to keep you comfortable in the crisp seasonal weather. Our grey wool-silk Havana is tailored slim with a full canvas, providing a luxurious drape that’ll fit right in in any formal wedding occasion. If you need something a little more versatile, that’s easy to style and made to move on the dance floor, a stretch suit like our navy wool blend Havana is hard to beat. When it comes to bringing the fall wedding looks together, keep the footwear simple. Lace-ups are a classic go-to with some try all-purpose appeal. If you want a touch of panache, a monk strap also makes a perfectly acceptable option.

Winter Wedding: Layering Up

Winter is the time to embrace layers, heavy fabrics, deep shades, and textured finishes. This season, it’s easy to go overboard, but when it comes to classically formal winter wedding style, stick to the tried & true basics. Suit in navy, grey or taupe shades makes a timeless winter-ready option. If you’re looking to add a little pattern, you can add some thin windowpane checks, pinstripes or even a chalk stripe for a touch of tasteful flair.

A houndstooth check suit for a winter wedding look.

Add Some Pattern — A tasteful houndtooth check is perfectly at home within formal dress code attire.

To stay warm & comfortable in any setting, a heavier fabric like brushed wool flannel adds a subtle touch of texture but remains elegant enough for an upscale wedding. Wool blended with cashmere or alpaca, like our light grey double-breasted Havana bring plenty of timeless luxury in a practical winter fabric. For a more cocktail-ready appeal, a single-breasted navy suit in wool flannel is a classic look that works in just about any setting. To brighten things up a bit, opt for our light brown alpaca blend Havana, just be sure that it fits the occasion.

An upclose image on a green circular flannel suit paired with a light brown knitted tie.
A winter wedding look with a warm single-breasted green circular flannel suit.

To add an extra layer of warmth, a single-breasted overcoat like our Vicenza fit is a simple, refined layer that complements any look. If you want something with a little more personality, our bold Bleecker fit features a wide peak lapel, martingale detail and double-breasted front—the broad collar is also great in case you get caught in an unexpected snow flurry. Speaking of the possibility of snow, you’ll want to stay away from the suede when it comes to footwear. Go for leather boots or even a luxurious hiker if the wedding is (inexplicably) taking place outdoors. For the reception, switch gears with a derby or classic lace-up.

A green houndstooth suit suitable for a winter wedding.

By and large, seasonal suiting is highly intuitive. Once you’ve got a handle on the winter, spring, summer or fall wedding dress code, play on it with season-friendly fabrics and colors so that you’ll not only stand out, but you’ll remain comfortable enough to party all night, no matter the season.