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Behind Our Fabrics

The Olmetex Mill

Est. 1954

Olmetex Mill headquarters
Olmetex Mill

Region Como, Italy


Est. 1954

Owned by

Mill type Technical fabrics

Fabrics Water-repellent, Down layers

An Italian mill setting the standard for world-class technical fabrics.

Established in 1954 in the Northern Italian province of Como, this celebrated mill is best known for their wide range of exceptional technical fabrics like water-resistant cotton blends. Defined by a passion for evolution and three generations of know-how, this fabric mill has brought some of the industry’s most innovative and high-quality cotton and man-made fabrics since it moved beyond regional production with a global expansion in the 1960s.

Olmetex Innovation
Olmetex Innovation
Change is the common thread that has driven Olmetex to invest in the product, research and innovation. ”
innovating fabrics

Always Innovating — And defining itself through experience and cutting-edge technology.

innovating fabrics

Quality, Traceability, Sustainability.

Beyond their driving pursuit of newer, better, more creative technical fabrics, the Olmetex fabric mill bases itself on sustainability. From yarn selection to finished fabric, Olmetex maintains a close eye on the full production process through a system of traceability that aims to reduce waste. Moreover, they’ve built upon their 2010 commitment to eliminating the use of harmful substances by investing in sustainable thermal energy to power their mill—and, in doing so, becoming one of Italy’s greenest weavers.

Quality Control

Quality control — Under the watchful eye of our experienced and qualified staff.

Quality control — Under the watchful eye of our experienced and qualified staff.

Quality Control

Olmetex Signature

Olmetex Collection

Water-Resistant Technical Fabric by Olmetex, Italy
Technical Fabric by Olmetex, Italy
Water-Resistant Cotton Linen by Olmetex, Italy