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Behind Our Fabrics

The Subalpino Mill

EST. 1966

Subalpino Mill
Subalpino Mill

Region Biella, Italy

Employees 60

Est. 1966

Owned by Andrea Rosa & Alberto Tamburrano

Mill type Lanificio

Fabrics Cotton Seersucker, Wool

From small family weavers to producers of the world’s most coveted cotton seersucker fabrics in just under 60 years.

Founded in 1966 by the Luciano family, Subalpino has expanded from a small family outlet to an internationally respected name in fine Italian fabrics. Though celebrated for their innovative colors, patterns, and wool and wool-linen blends, it’s their cotton seersucker fabrics that have set them apart from the rest.

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coarse texture

Instant Icon — Seersucker's thin stripe & coarse texture makes it one of the most easily recognizable of all fabrics, and a Suitsupply favorite during the warm seasons.

Subalpino Seersucker

Among their most prized offerings is the Subalpino seersucker, some variations of which are made in up to 80 colors. Traditionally crafted in pale and dark blue shades, seersucker is a thin cotton fabric known for its light weight and exceptional freshness.

Raw cotton fabric is meticulously crafted on flat looms before an intricate “slack-tension” weave gives it its signature textured finish. This technique allows the threads to bunch together, giving the fabric its signature alternating smooth and textured stripes. The result is a uniquely puckered fabric that allows air to be trapped, offering unmatched breathability that gives even linen a run for its money.

human touch

A Human Touch — An experienced weaver makes a final hand inspection to ensure Subalpino fabrics are 100% flawless.

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A History of Style

Durable and lightweight, seersucker was once popular among rail workers, earning it the name of a railroad stripe. But beyond just a workhorse fabric, seersucker has long been celebrated for its versatility, being used in everything from Victorian-era bedding to military uniforms, upholstery and modern attire. Synonymous with humid southern climates and northeastern collegiate culture alike, seersucker has transcended time, class and changing style trends to become one of the most iconic fabrics of all time.

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Stretch Cotton Seersucker by Subalpino, Italy
Stretch Cotton Seersucker by Subalpino, Italy
Stretch Cotton Seersucker by Subalpino, Italy