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Behind Our Fabrics

The Pontoglio Mill

Est. 1883

The Pontoglio Mill

Region Brescia, Italy

Employees 63

Est. 1883

Owned by

Mill type Cotton mill

Fabrics Velvet, Corduroy

Italy’s finest velvet & corduroy weaver.

For over 130 years, Italy’s Pontoglio mill has been synonymous with the finest, most luxurious velvet & corduroy fabrics available. Located on the banks of the Oglio river since its founding, the Pontoglio mill boasts a crew of just 63 expert weavers, but that hasn’t stopped them from being one of the most sought-after producers of rich cotton fabrics in the world. Having set itself apart through its strong vertical structure, Pontoglio’s craftsmen and women bring an eye for detail and uncompromising quality to every aspect of production from washing and dyeing to weaving and finishing.

Pontoglio has always distinguished itself in the textile field for the expression of know-how, technical, cultural and historical knowledge. ”
Pontoglio Textile
Pontoglio Textile

Rich fabrics, richer history.

Since spinning its first yarns on June 5th, 1883, the Pontoglio mill has kept respect for the environment at the center of their operation. Constant investment in the latest green and production technology has been a common thread throughout the company’s 130-year history.

Their relentless pursuit of quality makes them our top choice for a range of cotton velvet & corduroy shirts and trousers—and the industry standard as the epitome of the “Made in Italy” label.

Alberto Bada

Alberto Bada, CEO

Rich Fabrics

Though they do it better than the rest, Pontoglio still crafts corduroy the traditional way: Thick cotton cloth is run through a specialized cutter, where precisely mounted needles of various size determine the thickness and spacing of the wales. After a thorough brushing, we’re left with a classic, softly textured corduroy finish.

Final brushing

The final brushing process before a fully finished fabric.

Traditional way

Signature Fabrics

Pontoglio Collection

Cotton Blend Velvet by Pontoglio, Italy
Pure Cotton by Pontoglio, Italy