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Sneaker grau
Sneaker grau

Angefertigt aus geschmeidigem Kalbsleder in einem hellgrauen Farbton – dieser Sneaker bietet ein hellbraunes Innenfutter aus Leder und eine weiße Chevron Gummisohle.

Sneaker grau
Sneaker grau
Sneaker grau
Sneaker grau
Sneaker grau
Sneaker grau

Sneaker grau

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  • Details und Pflege

    Produktcode FW1492
    Material Kalbsleder
    Futter Italienisches Leder
    Aufbau Cemented
  • Pflegehinweise

    • Use a bristle brush or clean cloth to scrub any dust or dirt away.
    • Apply shoe polish at least once a month (and more often if you were these shoes on a daily basis) to protect the leather against water, revive its color and give it a clean shine.
    • When the leather starts to look dry and cracks start to form, use a leather conditioner to restore the leather natural moisture in depth. This can also be prevented by applying more often a leather cream.
    • Use shoe trees when storing your shoes, it will absorb the daily moisture from the inside and preserve the shape of your shoes over time.
  • Nachhaltigkeit

    Made in a way we’re proud of

    . CO2-
    . Fair Wear Leader
    . Abfall-

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