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Size Passport model

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Der Size Passport speichert alle deine Maße an einem Ort. So kannst du deine perfekte Passform mit nur einem Klick bestellen.

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Size Passport

Brustweite 55 cm
Taillenweite 49 cm
Schulterbreite 46 cm
Sakkolänge 76 cm

Alle deine Größen, gespeichert an einem Ort.


Verfügbar für alle Custom Made Produkte.


InStore oder Online, überall und immer.


Eine perfekte Passform, garantiert jedes Mal.

Leg los mit deinem
Size Passport


10 Min.

Um deinen Size Passport zu erstellen, kannst du einen Termin in einem unserer 150 Stores vereinbaren.


20 Min.

Messe ein Kleidungsstück aus, dass dir bereits gut passt.

In case you
missed anything

The Size Passport is a personalized tool for pre-setting and saving your garment measurements; allowing you to create and customize jackets, trousers, waistcoats, coats and shirts through our Custom Made program with just a few clicks.

Simple, with all your detailed size information saved in one place, you’ll save time and effort when creating new pieces or re-ordering.

Use it for all your Custom Made orders in-store and online.

Drop by any of our store locations and let us create one for you or grab a garment and measuring tape and create one from the comfort of your own home with our easy-to-follow tutorial.

About 15 to 25 minutes.

We believe less is more. So, we suggest starting with all basic alterations and using “advanced size options” only when necessary. If you’re unsure, please contact our customer service team or drop by any of our stores for guided in-person assistance.