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Behind Our Fabrics

The Reda Mill

Est. 1865

Grandson of the founder of Reda Mill.
Image featuring Reda Mill building in Biella.

Region Piedmont, Italy


Est. 1865

Owned by Ercole Botto Poala

Mill type Wool Mill

Fabrics Classic and Stretch Wool

From classic fabrics to up-to-date stretch wools, Reda’s history of trans-generational excellence spans more than 150 years.

The history of Reda begins in 1865, when Carlo Reda founded the historic Valle Mosso wool mill in Italy’s Piedmont region. In 1919, after being acquired by the Botto Paola brothers of the renowned namesake textile family, the foundation was laid for a family-run mill that would become known for its refined classic and stretch wool fabrics. Today, still run by the Botto Paola family, Reda has blended their 150-year-old artisanal heritage with modern advancements for a product that's not only luxurious, but traceable and sustainably crafted.

A two-ply yarn, makes for a richer and longer lasting suit fabric.

Two-Ply Yarn — More resilient than single-ply, two-ply makes for a richer, longer lasting suit fabric.

An image featuring our classic navy pure wool fabric with a hint of stretch.

Fresh from Biella — A classic navy pure wool fabric with a hint of stretch, ready to become a Suitsupply suit.

Vertically Integrated Expertise

It all begins on Reda’s 74,000 acres of New Zealand grazing land, where 30,000 of its prized Merino sheep are raised for their world-famous wool. At their family-run mill in Biella, every step—from combing and spinning, warping, weaving, dyeing and finishing— is undertaken by expert craftsman, some of which have a family legacy of artisanal experience. All of this is overseen by experts of the highest caliber, whose keen eye for detail and quality has given way to the exceptional elegance and quality Reda has become known for.

This vertical integration, coupled with their sheep-to-shop traceability, has given Reda everything they need to transparently cultivate, design and produce a product of impeccable quality, in the world’s finest quality wool, from beginning to end.

An image featuring white raw wool, before the spinning process.

Wool Tops — Soft, washed, and pure, raw wool is combed to create a smooth “top”, which will next be spun into yarn.

Image featuring a man holding one of our blue wool suit fabrics.

From sheep to shop

But while the farmland may be in New Zealand, the heart of Reda’s identity remains staunchly Italian. Among Reda’s prized selection of Italian-made fabrics, their mid blue stretch wool fabric stands out as a hallmark and exemplary illustration of the mill’s century-old skill. Fine worsted wool is elevated with a subtle infusion of technical fabric, making it a versatile year-round pick that offers not only luxurious wear, but also an extra level of comfort not common in suits and jackets crafted with less expertise.

Black and brown yarn.
A hand-set machine, hallway to turning the first layer of yarn, known as the “warp”, into a fabric.

From Yarn to Fabric — A hand-set machine, halfway to turning the first layer of yarn, known as the “warp”, into a fabric.

Reda Today

Reda’s respect and connection to their surroundings is attributed to their humble beginning and an artisanal tradition that’s been passed from generation to generation. Today, all this history—along with a strong emphasis on research and innovation—has come together in a collection of premium fabrics that we’re proud to feature in our collections. Among them are Reda’s classic S110's and S120’s pure wools, which can be found in our wardrobe starter pieces. Moreover, their famed stretch wool fabrics, as seen in a selection of our year-round suits and jackets, are considered to be among the world’s finest. And as Italy’s first textile company to receive B Corporation certification, their superior fabrics come with the peace of mind of being crafted with the highest standards of sustainability, labor practices, charitable giving and transparency in production.

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