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Behind Our Fabrics

Fermo Fossati Mill

EST. 1871

Fabric for a pattern navy silk tie for an upcoming collection at Suitsupply.
Man looking through Fossati archives to showcase historic fabrics.

Region Lake Como, Italy

Employees 58

Est. 1871

Owner Fermo Fossati

Mill type Silk

Fabrics Silk

The world’s finest tie fabrics, from Italy’s oldest silk weaver.

Celebrated as Italy’s oldest (and the world’s 3rd oldest) dedicated silk fabric mill, Fermo Fossati has built itself upon a foundation Italian-made tradition and uncompromising quality . Though officially established in 1871, this esteemed tie maker’s first pieces came off the looms at their original atelier in 1856, in the town of Binago, in Italy’s Varese province. The business quickly grew, and Fossati relocating to the shores of Lake Como, in Tavernerio, where it redirected its focus from boutique tie maker to weavers of world-class silk fabrics. For 150 years, Fossati has done things the old way—most notably seen in their continued use of specialized vintage looms (one of the world’s remaining few)—and it’s this commitment to authentic craftsmanship that’s made Fossati fabrics a staple of our collections.

One of the oldest mil archives in the world at Fossati.
Historic weaving machines for grenadine fabrics.

A 150-year mastery of silk.

After 150 years in operation, Fermo Fossati has earned its reputation as one of the world’s true silk-making masters—perfecting the art of turning delicate raw silk fibers into premium, complex fabrics of peerless refinement. But what has set them apart goes beyond the quality of their silks into how they are created.

One of the oldest silk loom machines in the world at Fossati Mill in Italy- producing fabric for grenadine ties.

Vintage Grenadine Machinery—Fossati uses one of the world’s few remaining slow-spinning silk looms.

Brown silk grenadine fabric for spring summer 2023 collection.

Once raw silk threads have been washed, they are bleached and dried before moving on to dyeing and spinning. Fossati has remained true to their roots by producing these luxurious silk fabrics the traditional way, on authentic vintage equipment. Though modern equipment can spin faster, slower, more traditional spinning wheels are an integral part of the production process Fossati has committed to keeping alive.

Zooming into one Suitsupply's new white and blue patterend jacquard weave tie fabric.

From Loom to Collar—Fine, pure silk fiber on the way to becoming one of our new jacquard weave ties.

Jacquard weave fabric inside looms at Fossati Mill.

Fossati Silk Ties: Grenadine & Jacquard Weaves

Among Fossati’s offering of luxury ties you’ll find Jacquard and Grenadine, the latter of which is produce by only a handful of weavers.

Grenadine is a gauze-like style which can only be produced on one of the world’s few remaining specialized looms. For this, two warp yarns are twisted around weft yarns, creating a strong yet breathable fabric that’s naturally flexible, and perfect for bringing texture and variety to a range of wedding looks.

Jacquard ties, alternately, feature a design, pattern, or motif woven into the construction of the weave. This is achieved by passing weft threads over and under warp threads to build a criss-cross pattern of yarns. The result is a durable, structured and wrinkle-resistant fabric with endless design potential.

Fossati & Suitsupply

At Suitsupply, Fossati silk fabrics are a collection staple for a range of year-round accessories like pocket squares and, most notably, ties. Their range and quality are a testament to a heritage of traditional know-how, over a century of experience, and a dedication to preserving the old ways of production.

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