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The Hallmarks
of a Quality Shoe

The Hallmarks
of a Quality Shoe

Brown leather lace-up shoes with toe cap.

At first glance all shoes seem the same, but look closer and you’ll start to notice features that make all the difference between average and extraordinary.

Get Into the Details

Brown Italian leather lace-up shoes with toe cap. High Quality Leather Construction Polishing & Detailing A Look Inside Comfort


Traditional shoemaking machinery
View of leather sole on pair of brown Italian leather shoes

A quality shoe is determined not just by the material, but by how its constructed, which comes down to how the uppers and soles are joined. A premium pair is typically stitched with one of two main methods: Blake Stitching and Goodyear Welts.

Leather Sole

Mid Sole

Blake Stitch


Explaining Shoe stitching

Blake Stitching

Blake construction involves an internal seam that connects the shoe cover to the insole and then to the sole, and is visible from the outside. This method offers significant advantages over gluing, providing greater strength, flexibility, and durability.

Leather Insoles

Leather Outsole

Metal Shank

Stacked Leather Heel



Cork Footbed

Explaining Shoe Welding

Goodyear Welts

The more high-end Goodyear Welt, however, is the pinnacle of luxury shoemaking, as it contributes to the pair’s longevity by allowing it to be resoled. Moreover, the construction features a cork-filled cavity between the insole and outsole. This porous and malleable layer takes to the shape of the wearer's foot over time, making this type of shoe exceptionally comfortable and uniquely fitted to the individual.

Polishing & Detailing

Polishing brown leather shoes.
Detail shot of brown Italian leather lace-up shoes with toe cap.

Whether it’s the entire shoe or just highlight details, each leather pair undergoes a precise hand-applied color and polish application to ensure a deep, lasting color and vibrant patina. This attention to detail extends to the small piping on the stitching that adds a touch of finesse while accents like cap toes and brogueing give certain styles their distinct character.

To complete each pair, we employ hand-waxing and brushing techniques for a smooth finish that speaks to our commitment to heritage craftsmanship.

A Look Inside

Embossing machine.
View of insole on brown pair of Italian leather shoes

In order to ensure a luxurious wear, the interior of our shoes are crafted in leather to guarantee a smooth, padded finish free of protruding or collapsing elements. While incomplete or uneven linings are indicative of poor craftsmanship, our high-quality shoes feature full, secure leather lining to deliver the height of comfort and craftsmanship.


View of heel lining of brown Italian leather shoe.
Shaping leather over a last

At the end of the day, a quality luxury shoe should not be only comfortable, but impeccably fitting. To achieve that fit, each pair goes through a “molding” process in a humidifier to conform the leather perfectly to the shape of the last. After a week, the final result is a flexible, breathable, fully shaped pair.

For added comfort, our shoes feature a small layer of padding or insulation between the sole and inner sole, which prevents soreness in the heels and balls of your feet and prolongs the life of the shoes.

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