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Black Tie Decoded

black-tie guide

Your head-to-toe education on all things Black-Tie.

Whether you go classic with a black tux and bow tie, or make it modern with a colorful jacket and turtleneck, there's always a little room for personal style, even in traditional evening wear.

bow tie

A black bow tie, made from pure silk.

tuxedo trousers

A silk or satin outeam strip —the official stamp of true tuxedo trousers.

The Tuxedo

Jacket styles explained

White Dinner Jacket

Warm Weather Black-Tie

White Dinner Jacket
White Dinner Jacket

Originally adapted as a warm weather alternative to the standard black tuxedo, today's white tuxes and dinner jackets are a smart, refined way to stand apart from classic eveningwear colors and style —especially in warmer climates.

White Tuxedo Jacket
White Tuxedo Jacket

Velvet Dinner Jacket

Break Away From Convention

Velvet Dinner Jacket
Velvet Black tie

Swap the shirt for a black turtleneck if the occasion allows.

Where the occasion permits, don't hesitate to bring a little color and personality to your Black-Tie style.

Cotton Velvet

Cotton Velvet — Uniquely textured & exceptionally draping with an understated sheen, there's no fabric quite like velvet.

Cotton Velvet

The velvet dinner jacket is rooted in late 19th century smoking jackets —opulent, amply tailored velvet & silk jackets worn to absorb cigar smoke & protect from falling ash. Today, the smoking jacket's modern cousin can be found tailored slim from pure cotton velvet with all the classic silk dinner jacket details —all in a range of colors that are sure to stand out.

Velvet Dinner Jacket
Velvet Dinner Jacket

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Tuxedo shirt

Tuxedo Shirts Explained

Formal Footwear

Step up your black-tie ensemble

Leather Lace-Ups

Leather Lace-Ups — A sleek pair of patent leather lace-ups have long been the standard of tuxedo footwear elegance.

Leather Lace-Ups
A Casual Pair
A Casual Pair

A Casual Pair — Black Italian calf leather sneakers is the perfect way to dress down an elevated style.

Choose your style

Complete the Look

Top off your look with some
finishing touches

Bow Tie

Bow Tie — The timeless and ever-essential bow tie is the classic way to complete any black tie ensemble.


Cufflinks — A subtle accent that goes a long way, a cufflinks is the perfect way to add a touch of your personality to a traditional style.

Get Inspired

Pure Linen by Solbiati, Italy
Mix & Match
Pure Wool S110's by Vitale Barberis Canonico, Italy
Pure Wool S110's by Vitale Barberis Canonico, Italy