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Behind Our Fabrics

The Leggiuno Mill

EST. 1908

The Leggiuno Mill
The Leggiuno Mill

Region Biella, Italy

Employees 120

Est. 1908

Owned by SKNL Group

Mill type Shirting Mill

Fabrics Cotton, Linen, & Blends

Over a century of crafting Italy’s most distinctive shirting fabrics.

Founded on the banks of Lake Maggiore, Italy’s Leggiuno fabric mill has made a name for itself through the innovative use of color & texture pairings, a culture of creativity, and technical know-how. With an uncompromising commitment to tradition, they’ve created some of the world’s most prized staple fabrics, including pure and blended cotton and linen in classic and textured finishes; including some mainstays for Suitsupply’s spring and summer collections. Leggiuno’s creativity and passion for doing things the old way have allowed them to stand out with some of the most distinguished fabrics in Italian weaving.

General Manager Lorenzo

Meet Lorenzo — General manager & grandson of founder Giordano Leva.

Linen Fabric

Fresh from Biella — A pure linen fabric used for our SS22 light blue slim fit shirt.

“The collections are the expression of a skillful mix of craftsmanship and technology.”
Cotton Warping
Hands-on Expertise

Hands-On Expertise — A technician sets the warp & weft on looms in a high-precision process requiring an experienced hand and eye.

Innovation at Its Core

Since being founded by Giordano Leva in 1908, Leggiuno has transitioned into a strictly shirting weaver, expanding on its offerings through its acquisition in 2006. By this point, Leggiuno had invested substantially in their research and innovation, resulting in the finest, softest pure and blended cotton and linen fabrics that would ultimately become recurring hallmarks of Suitsupply’s seasonal collections.

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Pure Linen by Leggiuno, Italy
Pure Linen by Leggiuno, Italy
Egyptian Cotton Flannel by Leggiuno, Italy
Pure Linen by Leggiuno, Italy