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Fair wear leaders

Ethical production is at the core of what we do. That’s why we’re proud to be awarded CSR Leader by the European Fair Wear Foundation for 6 consecutive years.

Fair wear leaders

The Fair Wear Foundation

Fair Wear Foundation is a non-profit organisation that works with brands, factories, trade unions, NGOs and governments to improve working conditions for garment workers around the world. Together we’re working hard to create positive change; not only in our own supply chains, but within the whole industry.

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Carbon neutral

Business without carbon isn’t possible yet, but we are reducing our carbon impact at every opportunity. In 2019 we reduced our logistic footprint by 40% and started running our facilities on green energy. Where we currently can’t reduce we offset as part of our commitment to be net-carbon neutral since 2020.

Carbon neutral

We are net-carbon neutral from sheep to suit

Our carbon calculations include everything from the animals growing our wool, to our factories, product transportation, our stores, company cars and business travel.

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Made to last

In an industry dominated by fast fashion we are committed to heritage craftsmanship. By creating customized garments that people really connect with, they become an integral part of our customer’s wardrobes for years to come.

Made to last

Made to fit, made to last

Our focus on customized garments further reduces waste by better matching production with demand, while our commitment to heritage craftsmanship ensures that our products last longer.

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Natural fibers

Our products are crafted using only the highest quality natural fibers. Over 80% of our fabrics are biodegradable and renewable. We don’t use harmful chemicals to treat our products.

Natural fibers

We don't compromise

We use only the highest quality natural fibers and aim to keep the artificial additives out. The numbers speak for themselves: on average 85% of fabrics used in our products contained no man made fibers.

97% of our fabrics are made from bio-based materials

This ensures they’re built to last, and easy to recycle.

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Product longevity

Our expertly trained tailors perform more than 16,000 alterations per week that repair and extend the life of our garments. This reduces carbon and water waste by 5-10%.

Product longevity

88% of our collection can be altered or repaired in-house

We have over 200 in-store tailors, in more than 125 locations.

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Healthy working conditions

In our factories we ensure safe, healthy working conditions that promote gender equality, reject discrimination and allow for economic development.

Healthy working conditions

Our average relationship is over 6 years

Good relationships matter to us. Our partners are experts at their craft, but also leaders when it comes to great facilities and employee standards.

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Zero waste to landfill

We stand for zero waste to landfill. Our Recycling Rewards program collects unwanted items and gives them a second lease on life. We’ve saved more than 30,000kg of apparel from landfills to date.

Zero waste to landfill

20,000 kilos and counting

We are well on our way to reaching our target of keeping 25,000kg of unwanted apparel out of landfills by the end of this year. And when we reach our goal, we won’t stop there.

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