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Behind Our Fabrics

Italy’s Finest

Finest Fabrics

Welcome to Biella, Italy,
the home of fine Italian fabrics.

Nestled in the foothills of the Italian Alps, about 80 kilometers northwest of Milan, the area's spring and lake-rich geography provides the foundation for the region's historical success. But what is it about Italian fabrics that we love so much? From the weaves and exceptional softness to the rich, robust textures, Italian wool's reputation as the best in its class has been cemented by the artisan heritage it comes from.

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Mill Capital

The mill capital of the world — Where the best wool mills in Italy are gathered and the most high quality woolen fabrics are weaved.

Finest Fabrics
Finest Fabrics

Superfine quality —From pure materials like wool, to different type of blends, Biella weavers merge Italian craftmanship with proven technical abilities.

Where artisan tradition meets
modern innovation

Where artisan tradition meets modern innovation

Among the plentiful renowned mills and weavers, a select crop has stood out for their longevity, family-run heritage and exceptionally elevated wool fabrics. With a focus on excellence, tradition and, above all, creativity, Biella has cemented its place as the world's hub of the finest Italian fabrics.

Generations of weavers have moved with the times, putting renewed focus on environmental responsibility and use of the latest green technologies; including cutting-edge air and water conservation efforts, unmatched health and safety standards, and even facilities development that ethically integrate into the surrounding area. It's this spirit of innovation that has made Biella a household name to both exclusive, high-end tailor shops, and the biggest names in the fashion industry alike for centuries.

Proven Quality

Proven Quality — All high-end fashion brands refer to Biella when looking for top-quality and innovative fabrics.

Proven Quality

Water from the alps

It all begins with nature's purest water. Besides high-quality wool from, among others, Australian Merino sheep, the most important ingredient in wool production is water. Situated among countless mountain springs, creeks, lakes and rivers, Biella's mills have enjoyed a ready supply of pristine, mineral rich waters needed to wash and treat wools, and mix with natural dyes. The result is a product of unmatched purity. Of course, none of this would be possible without the 800 years of innovative craftsmanship and expert artisanship that has come to define Biella.

Alp waters
Pristine Waters

Pristine Waters — The pure, clean & clear waters from the surrounding Alps are just what's needed for optimal wool washing.

Discover our mills

Learn more about the Italian mills & weavers our wool fabrics originate from.

Vitale Barberis Canonico

Weba EST. 1944

Weba EST. 1944

Circular Wool Flannel, Tropical Wool, Essential S110's

Vitale Barberis Canonico

Vitale Barberis Canonico EST. 1663

V.B.C. EST. 1663

Circular Wool Flannel, Tropical Wool, Essential S110's

Lanificio Egidio Ferla

Ferla EST. 1880

Ferla EST. 1880

Alpaca, Silk, Linen Blends

E. Thomas

E. Thomas EST. 1922

Wool Silk Linen, Pure Wool S150’s - S170's



Circular Cashmere, Wool Cashmere

Piacenza Mill

Piacenza EST. 1733

Llama Wool, Silk Cashmere, Pure Camel

Olmetex Mill

Olmetex EST. 1954

Water-Repellent, Down Layers

Disondrio Mill

Di Sondrio EST. 1895

Stretch Cotton, Cotton Linen Blend

Pontoglio Mill

Pontoglio EST. 1883

Corduroy, Velvet

Thomas Mason Mill

Thomas Mason EST. 1796

Egyptian Cotton, Sea Island Cotton

The Angelico Mill

Angelico EST. 1950

Linen, Wool, Cotton Blends

The Reda Mill

Reda EST. 1865

Classic, Stretch Wool

Drago Mill

Drago EST. 1973

Drago EST. 1973

Pure Wool, Mohair Wool Blends

The Fermo Fossati Mill

Fermo Fossati EST. 1871


Tallia di Delfino Mill

Tallia di Delfino EST. 1903

Luxury silk, wool and mohair

REggiani Mill

Reggiani EST. 1973

Cotton, Stretch Cotton

Candiani Mill

Candiani EST. 1938