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About our Jackets

About our Jackets

It’s the inside that counts

Our signature horsehair canvas lining is expertly tailored to ensure each and every jacket fits impeccably.

Padded Lapel wear
Padded Lapel product

Padded Lapel 1000 stitches to maintain volume and prevent the lapel from flattening. A key detail in fine tailoring.

Smart Layer
Smart Layer

Smart Layer To create an elegant form around the chest & shoulders and keep you comfortable.

The core The core

At the Core

An extra form to maintain the drape of the fabric.

Shaping the shoulder Shaping the shoulder product Shaping the shoulder product

Shaping the Shoulder

A precise combination of natural layers, purposefully stacked, to create the perfect shoulder structuring shell.

The neck
The neck

Around the Neck Construction that drapes the jacket around the neck in a natural way. A fundamental detail in expert craftsmanship.

Full Canvas

A full-body horsehair construction, with sharp edges & a firm structure. Full-canvas ensures the whole jacket stays in impecable shape.

Half Canvas

Our half canvas construction ensures a natural form to the breast part of your jacket. A jacket with the correct form and shape.

Masters of the Mill

These celebrated Biella region weavers combine heritage craftsmanship with natural, Earth-friendly production to create a fabric you can be proud to wear.

Made in a way we’re proud of

Awarded CSR Leader for 5 consecutive years