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Behind Our Fabrics

Tallia di Delfino Mill

EST. 1903

CEO of Tallia di Delfini Mill holding an archive book of fabrics since 1903.
Exterior of Tallia di Delfino in Italy.

Region Biella, Italy

Employees 103

Est. 1903

Owned Marzotto Group

Mill type Wool

Fabrics Wool, Silk, Mohair

Generations of fine wool, silk & mohair craftsmanship.

From its humble beginnings as a simple draper in 1903, the family-run Tallia di Delfino mill has evolved into producers of some of the world’s finest wool, silk, and mohair fabrics. Working with their parent company, the Marzotto Group, since 2008, Delfino has tapped into advanced resources in research, sustainability and production techniques to bring a premium, ethically-crafted product while retaining their artisanal tradition. Through it all, they’ve taken inspiration from their 150-year-old fabrics archive and within their restored 1920s factory building. This dedication to authentic quality is just one of the reasons this esteemed mill remains a Suitsupply go-to season after season.

Team and expertise behind Delfino holding an archive book of their historical fabrics.
Suitsupply mohair fabric for mens suits

The Expertise Behind Delfino

Delfino’s fine luxury fabrics are the result of generational expertise and a respect for the environment that’s been central since its founding. Though situated among pristine, mineral-rich streams whose waters act like natural fabric softeners, Delfino owes its success to more than its location. Generations of respected artisans bring a seasoned eye for detail and a commitment to preserving the art of crafting the fine hand-made fabrics we proudly feature in our collections. Over a century of this ethos has allowed Delfino to become one of the world’s most lauded weavers, prized by the world’s biggest brands and tailors, and a regular among our suits and jackets.

Mohair, Silk & Solaro

Among Delfino’s celebrated fabrics you’ll find three main standouts—mohair, silk, & Solaro wool blends. Mohair, a fabric made from the hair of the Angora goat, offers a rich, robust woolen structure close to that of cashmere. Both durable and resilient, it is notable for its high luster and sheen.

Delfino’s silk blends are crafted by using fine warp threads and uneven weft threads made from silkworm cocoons, resulting in a smooth, tightly-woven surface that grant a lustrous effect. When blended with wool, cotton, or other fibers, silk adds strength, softness, and a luxurious sheen to the fabric.

Suitsupply solaro fabric for mens suits.

Dynamic Color — No other fabric offers the rich iridescent coloration of Solaro.

Their most unique offering, however, is their "Solaro" fabric. At first look, it might appear as a classic light brown fabric, but upon a closer look, shades of tan and brick red start to emerge. While specific shades sometimes vary, Solaro’s traditional look is made by weaving brick red and light olive-green wool yarns together, typically in a herringbone weave. The variation of the warp and the weft yarns create an iridescent effect which captures light and reflects it in different shades.

Sustainability is in our DNA ”

Giorgio Todesco, CEO

Reducing carbon footprint at Delfino while providing surplus energy to surrounding communities.

Giving Back — Delfino provides surplus energy to surrounding villages.

Water source Delfino uses for their mill in Italy.

A Commitment to Conscious Craftsmanship

From reducing their carbon footprint to their use of traceable wool, Delfino has raised the bar on ethical production through modern technology and socially conscious practices. They not only produce their own clean, efficient energy through solar power, but, when a surplus is available, Delfino gives back to the community, expanding its effort to reduce carbon emissions beyond its own operation.

When it comes to traceability, Delfino maintains strict supervision over their selection of raw wool—working with partners who can guarantee fair labor standards and fully traceable raw materials. The result of these efforts is a selection of premium wool and wool blend fabrics that are produced transparently, sustainably, and ethically.

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