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Care Guide

How to Take Care
of Your Knits

Brushing pure wool fabric.
pure wool crewneck

A well-cared-for knit can elevate your layering game throughout years. Our guide takes you through the basics of how to take care of a quality luxury knit.


Fabric brush for wool

Brush gently —Invest in a soft clothes brush and rub down your knitwear regularly to remove hairs and excess lint.

Brushing a pure wool crewneck sweater

Care Essentials

When it comes to removing mild odors, less is more. Leave knits outside in a fresh, breezy area, or hang them for a gentle steam in a hot shower. You’d be surprised just how freshened up these fabrics can get by simply letting them breathe.

Pilling results when fabric rubs against itself over time. You can remove these small bobbles with a fabric shaver. Finer fabrics, like cashmere, must be combed rather than shaved. For this, lay the garment flat and comb in one direction with a smooth, continuous motion.

Between wears, you can clean your knits by brush them lengthwise to remove dust and dirt that may dull the appearance of the fabric or even become stains later on.


Draining soaked wool fabric

Hand washing —Fibers like pure cashmere are best hand-washed. Let the garment soak for up to 10 minutes before thoroughly rinsing it with clean water.

Three pure wool crewneck sweaters

Wear More, Wash Less

Washing your knits less slows down the fading of color and maintains the quality of the fabric longer.

Most of our knit fabrics, like wool or cotton, are machine washable on a delicate cycle. To best preserve color and prevent bleeding, be sure to wash similar colored garments together with a mild detergent. When in doubt, always refer to the care instruction tag.

Other fibers, like pure cashmere, are best hand-washed. For that, just fill the sink with cold water, add some mild detergent, and wash gentle. Avoid hard scrubbing and rubbing, which can cause surface wear and pilling. Instead, lightly soak your knits and slowly swirl them around. Rinse with clean water before drying.


Rolling wet a wool knit into towel for drying
Wool sweater drying flat on rack

Dry Flat

As with all fabrics, air-drying is always preferable. Wet knits can get heavy, so avoid hanging them. Laying them flat will help prevent gravity from pulling on the fabric, which will make your knits sag, deform, and stretch out over time.

To dry hand washed garments, gently squeeze the garment to get as much water out as possible, being careful not to excessively twist or wring it out. Next, lay it on a dry towel and roll it up for a few minutes. At this point, you can lay out the garment on a wire rack or flat surface to finish air drying. Remember to never put a fine wool garment into the dryer.


Cedar wool balls

Avoid moisture —For added protection, we recommend throwing a few cedar balls in your drawer.

Stacked pure wool knits

The Correct Way to Store Your Knits

A lot of wear & tear can be avoided with proper storage. Skip the hanger and opt instead for a neat fold in a dedicated drawer, and always make sure they’re completely dried before being stored away to avoid mildewy odors and the fabric degradation that comes from moisture. For added protection, we recommend throwing a few high-quality cedar balls in your drawer.

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