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Black Tie Attire

Black Tie Attire

Black tuxedo for a black tie occasion such as a wedding or gala.

Black Tie 101

Simply put, “black-tie” is a dress code that requires a tuxedo in some form. More refined than “formal”, yet more relaxed than “white-tie”—which calls for a very traditional coattail jacket—black-tie is one of the most longstanding of dress codes, and can be expressed in one of two main ways: full tuxedo or dinner jacket & trouser pairing. Our guide to black-tie is made to help you pull off either style effortlessly.

Full black tuxedo look paired with velvet slippers.

The Black Tuxedo

A hallmark of upscale evening style, the traditional black tuxedo has stuck to a set of foundational pieces for over a century. This look typically requires a matching black jacket and trousers with silk-lined details, a plain, bibbed, or pleated white shirt featuring french cuffs, black patent leather shoes, and a black silk bow tie. Though there are more modern variations, this ensemble is considered the iconic classic.

Tuxedo Jacket styles Explained

The Peak Lapel

Black tuxedos may have a range of different lapels, for an example this one features the peak lapel for a black tie occasion.

Bold, yet refined, the peak lapel tuxedo remains an enduring standard thanks to its strong aesthetic and timeless appeal.

The Double-Breasted Tuxedo

Different than a single closure jacket, this one is a double breasted black tuxedo for a wedding occasion.

An icon that's only becoming more popular, double-breasted tuxedos’ sharp lines & masculine aesthetic is perfect for a striking evening look.

Dinner Jacket & Trouser Separates

A single closure white dinner jacket paired with black tuxedo trouser.
 If you are going for a seperate look for a black tie occasion such as a wedding or gala, a white dinner jacket can be an option.

A common variation on the black-tie look is to go with separates—think white jacket ith black trousers. A popular choice during the spring & summer months, white dinner jackets not only absorb less heat from the sun, but are also well-suited for breathable fabrics like pure and blended cotton and linen. As always, be sure to finish it with patent leather shoes & black bow tie.

Creative Black-Tie

Creative Black-Tie

Grey tuxedo jacket for a creative black tie attire, mix and match for a wedding.

Occasionally you’ll come across the elusive “creative black-tie” dress code. Here, you can loosen up a bit on the traditional rules while keeping the black-tie aesthetic. In a sea of traditional black tuxedos, a light grey dinner jacket with a bold shawl collar, paired with black trousers and sock-less velvet loafers is bound to get noticed.

Tuxedo Shirts Explained

The Pleated Front

A classic option shirt option for a black tie tuxedo is a pleated front shirt with texture.

Traditional yet distinctive, a pleated bib-front shirt is slightly less formal than a pique front but still works in a formal setting.

The Pique Bib Front

Besides a classic pleated bib front shirt another tradiitonal one is a pique bib front with a flatter texture.

This traditional style features a studded front placket and a subtly textured pique bib for an iconic and refined evening look.

The Plain Front

Unlike traditional tuxedo shirts for a black tie wedding, a plain front offers a modern touch to a classic ensemble.

A clean, minimalist option, this tuxedo shirt is arguably the most modern, and certainly the most versatile.

Formal Footwear

Complete a black tie attire with patent leather shoes.
Another option besides patent leather shoes is a velvet slipper for a black tie tuxedo.

Leather Lace-Ups

The patent leather lace-ups

A sleek pair of patent leather lace-ups have long been the standard of tuxedo footwear.

Velvet Slippers

Velvet Slippers, an alternative to patent leather lace ups for a tuxedo look.

The most contemporary of black-tie options, velvet loafers add texture and style without skimping on the elegance.

Complete the Look

focused image on black tie tuxedo featuring the classic bow tie.
Complete your tuxedo look with cufflinks.

Bow Tie — The timeless and ever-essential bow tie is the classic way to complete any black tie ensemble.

Cufflinks — A subtle accent that goes a long way, a cufflinks is the perfect way to add a touch of your personality to a traditional style.