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Behind Our Fabrics

The E. Thomas Mill

EST. 1922

The E. Thomas Mill
The E. Thomas Mill

Region Lake Lugano, Italy


Est. 1922

Owned by 4th generation family-run

Mill type Wool mill

Fabrics S150's - S170's, Wool Silk Linen

It's hard to find a mill with more experience and longstanding artisan tradition in noble fibers than E. Thomas.

For 100 years, this independent family-run weaver has crafted the world's finest and most sought-after fabrics in everything from ultra-fine wool, mohair and silk to linen and Chinese and Mongolian cashmere. Established by Mr. Ernesto Thomas in Brusimpiano in 1922 and located on the shores of the Lake Lugano, E. Thomas has come to be known not only for its quality and innovation, but also for infusing the renowned classic style of Biella fabrics with just the right touch of modern freshness; cementing their place among the world’s most prestigious luxury fashion brands.

old radio E. Thomas
Egidio Thomas

Giorgo Thomas, CEO of E.Thomas mill.

E. Thomas fabrics
Technical meets artistry

Technical meets artistry — The mill always manage to marry the artisan craftsmanship with advanced technical solution.

An Eye Toward the Future

As E. Thomas’s Giorgio Ronchi puts it, “We do not produce basic fabrics. We always look for new things — new weaves, new colors, new patterns, and new finishes.” This singular vision of always evolving, always looking toward the next best thing is perhaps what best defines this Italian mill. As one of the few remaining independent mills of the world, E. Thomas is unbound from corporate limitations and free to explore and experiment—and this pioneering spirit has bred some of the industry's most luxurious fabrics.

high-speed weaving machine

Always innovating — With tool such as the high-speed weaving machine, E. Thomas always looks toward technology to bring us the industry’s luxurious fabrics.

Future waving machine

E. Thomas Collection

Summer Wool Silk Linen by E.Thomas, Italy
2799 PLN
Custom Made Only
Summer Pure Wool by E.Thomas, Italy
3588 PLN
Custom Made Only
Summer Pure Wool by E.Thomas, Italy
4387 PLN
Mix & Match
Summer Wool Silk Linen by E.Thomas, Italy
3448 PLN