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Behind Our Fabrics

The Drago Mill

Est. 1973

A room dedicated to their historical archives, showcasing more than 50 years of fabric & design history.
A fabric mill, passed down by generation.

Region Biella, Italy

Employees 150

Est. 1973

Owned Drago Family

Mill type Wool

Fabrics Pure S130’s, S180's, Wool-Linen

A 50-year History of Family Expertise and Vision

In 1973, Italy’s Umberto & Laura Drago laid the roots for an entirely new standard in Italian fabric production when they founded a specialized spinning mill. Twenty years after its founding, their children, Paolo & Daniela, took over and ushered in a new era of innovation and technology—creating what today is considered to be one Biella’s modern hallmark mills—Drago.

After incorporating the Fintes brand in 2001, Drago cemented its place as a fully integrated creator and international distributor of quality wools. From classic S130’s to ultra-fine S180's, Drago has delivered 3,000 designs and 1.7 million meters of luxurious quality fabrics per collection to brands and tailors the world over.

Thousands swatches of unique colors and shades for wool fabrics.

A Heritage Palette — Thousands of swatches in unique colors, shades, & tones speak to Drago’s mastery of color.

Originally started as a spinning mill, Drago today is leading in quality luxury wool fabrics.

The “S” Number: A Measure of Quality Wool

Inspired by fabric archives that date as far back as 1933, Drago has established itself as an authority on heritage weaving, but revisited in a modern way. It all starts with selecting the finest raw wools from Australia and New Zealand; each batch of which is lab-tested to guarantee their standards of quality and fineness—also known as an “S” number.

Raw wool fabric
Strands of fibers are inspected daily at Drago to ensure quality

A Closer Look — Strands of fibers are visually inspected to ensure consistant quality within each batch of raw material.

A Closer Look — Strands of fibers are visually inspected to ensure consistant quality within each batch of raw material.

Originally coined in England, where the worsted spinning process was invented, an “S” number is a classification metric that the indicates the fineness of a wool fiber, as measured by its maximum diameter in microns. Traditionally, “S” has been used as a placeholder for “Super”, and denotes the wool as being of superior quality, while the succeeding number originally correlated to the lengths, also known as “hanks”, that one pound of worsted wool could be stretched—in other words, fiber that yielded about 80 worsted hanks is roughly comparable to fiber designated as S80.

As fineness is one of the main factors in determining the quality and performance of a wool fabric, the S number is an immediate indication of whether a certain wool will be heavier and more robust, or lighter and more delicate—the higher the S number, the finer the wool.

Though S numbers can be range between S80 to S250, Drago’s superior wools start at S130, roughly 17.5 microns. About 4x finer than a human hair, this relatively robust fabric is crafted for year-round suits that are made to get a workout. Stronger and more resistant to abrasion, this wool fabric is perfect for daily wear, but doesn’t sacrifice its soft hand and rich structure. At the other end of the spectrum is Drago’s 13.25-micron S210 wool—an extremely rare and delicate fabric that’s reserved for the most exclusive suits.

Yarn dyeing before its woven into fabric.

Yarn Dyeing — Before being woven into fabric, the spun yarn is first dyed.

 Fabric being washed after its woven to ensure softness.

Yarn Dyeing — Before being woven into fabric, the spun yarn is first dyed.

Drago’s Signature S180’s Wool

At the higher end of their luxury wool fabrics, however, is their incredibly soft S180’s wool. Starting with a selection of ultra-fine fibers of only 14.5 micros, these fabrics offer an unbelievably soft feel, lightweight, and understated luster. To create this delicate finish, Drago uses a special brushing technique that brings out a subtle “fuzz” that adds even more to the fiber’s natural softness. The result is an exquisite selection of rare, luxurious wool fabrics that are finer than the best cashmere.

Fabric rolls from Drago
Suitsupply x Drago’s s180 collection fabric

A Final Human Touch — Batches of completed Drago fabrics are hand-inspected to guarantee superior quality finish.

Drago Today

With noble fibers like cashmere, blended linens, and an unrivalled selection of premium quality wool fabrics, Drago has managed to cement its place in Biella’s rich weaving history as an innovator and preservationist of heritage luxury—all the more impressive considering this roughly 50-year-old-mill is competing alongside centuries-old weaving icons.

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