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About our Jackets

It’s the inside that counts

Paul van Paridon

Style Expert

Our signature horsehair canvas lining is expertly tailored to ensure each and every jacket fits impeccably.

Padded Lapel 1000’s of precise stitches create volume and prevent the lapel from flattening—a hallmark of fine tailoring.

Essential Layer To keep you comfortable and create an elegant, structured form throughout the chest & shoulders.

At it's Core

An extra layer to give the fabric a rich, full drape.

Shaping the Shoulder

A combination of natural fabric layers are precisely arranged to create the perfect shoulder-structuring shell.

Around the Neck Construction that drapes the jacket around the neck in a natural way. A fundamental detail in expert craftsmanship.

Full Canvas

A full-body horsehair canvas layer giving ultra-fine fabrics their form and structure while molding to your body over time for a truly personalized fit.

Half Canvas

Our half canvas layer strengthens fine fabrics and ensures a natural form throughout the jacket's breast, molding naturally to you over time for a unique fit.

Masters of the Mill

These celebrated Biella region weavers combine heritage craftsmanship with natural, Earth-friendly production to create a fabric you can be proud to wear.

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Pure Wool S150's
$599 USD
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Stretch Cotton
$408 USD
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Stretch Cotton
$408 USD
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Stretch Cotton
$408 USD
Mix & Match