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Returns & refunds

Return a product in 3 steps

Login & Register your product

Login to register your return in My Account.

Select a location

Select your prefered pickup or drop off location.

Prepare your package

Stick the return label on the outside of your package.


  • How do I make a return?
  • What is your return policy?
  • Do I need to include a return form in my return packages?
  • Which carrier can I use for my return?
  • Do I have to pay for my return?
  • How can I exchange my product if I don't like it?
  • When will my exchange be shipped?
  • Can I return my Custom Made order?
  • Where can I drop off my package?
  • How do I schedule a pickup?
  • When will UPS pick up my return/exchange?
  • How can I track my return?
  • Extended US holiday returns