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Giro Inglese, the Height of
Elevated Craftsmanship

Giro Inglese, the Height of Elevated Craftsmanship

Giro Inglese's distinct 'see-throug' structure makes it exceptionally breathable
The perfect fabric for layering any look with some pronounced texture.

The Fundamentals of Giro Inglese

Created in the late 19th Century in Lancashire, England, Giro Inglese is a highly specialized weave known and celebrated for its rich one-of-a-kind texture and exceptional breathability.

True to its original intent, Giro Inglese originally took off as fabric for tennis shirts, as the open-weave fabric resembled a fine mesh, allowing air to freely move around while still maintaining a soft feel.

Italian's most standout fabric.
Made with a uniquely Italian technique where the warp and weft are woven to create an almost 3D effect.

Traditional Craftsmanship —Woven with a uniquely Italian technique that creates a deep, almost 3D structure.

How Giro Inglese is Made

To achieve Giro Inglese’s distinctive texture, the fabric is woven on specialized slow-speed looms. Our Giro Inglese jackets are crafted by Italy's Ferla mill, one of the last remaining mills capable of producing this incredible fabric.

The result is a supple, airy fabric with a unique, open texture and rich drape. This plain weave offers an almost 3D effect that is loosely woven for a textured, sturdy finish that remains lightweight and breathable.

Giro Inglese & Suitsupply

The uniquely see-through structure of Giro Inglese offers an notably striking texture that adds a dynamic depth to any look. Refined and elevated, yet simultaneously breezy and beautifully draping, Giro Inglese is a year-round standout that brings the best of a casual elevated aesthetic and is perfectly at home in both laid-back and formal settings.

Giro's Inglese's loose, mesh-like structure brings a different, uniquely luxurious element to any look.

Knit-like Jackets

Our luxurious Giro Inglese weave jackets bring you a sophisticated layer with an almost knit-like structure for exceptional comfort. The standout texture and unmatched breathability of these jackets come to you in noble fabrics and luxurious blends like alpaca, silk & linen. 

Our Giro Inglese pieces are a highlight of any collection and bring a pronounced statement to any ensemble whether worn as a blazer or shirt-jacket.

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Giro Inglese by Ferla, Italy