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Behind Our Fabrics

The Rogna Mill

The Rogna Mill
The Rogna Mill working place

Region Biella, Italy


Est. 1950

Owned by Family-run

Mill type Wool mill

Fabrics Circular Cashmere

A small family-owned weaver crafting
world-class noble fabrics.

Located in Camburzano, a small village in the heart of Italy’s famous weaving region of Biella, the family-run Rogna fabric mill infuses their personality and expertise into every meter of luxurious fabric they create. With a sharp eye for the finest natural fibers, they’ve made a name for themselves through exclusive, high-quality noble fabrics—namely their cashmere—that are prized and sought-after by some of the world’s biggest names in fashion.

World class fabrics
Cashmere yarns

It all starts with fine cashmere yarns — the perfect material for remarkable interpretations of creativity and style.

British Style, Italian Craftsmanship

If there’s one thing the Rogna mill excels at, it’s learning from, and building upon, the style traditions of the past. Their take on fabric is inspired by an archive of, mainly British, fabrics spanning 75 years. Precious wool-silk blends & pure wool are found throughout their offerings. But it’s the range of ultra-soft, uniquely finished Mongolian cashmere fabrics that have set them apart—all crafted, dyed, spun, woven and finished with the artisan skill and dedication that can only be found in the Biella province.

Rogna Fabrics fabrics
Leonardo Rogna artistry

Leonardo Rogna, inspired by the genuine beauty of over 5,000 designs from Italy & Britain.

Made in Italy represents an invaluable heritage of craftsmanship that must be protected and appreciated. ”

Leonardo Rogna, Founder

Rogna mill
Rogna mill

The respect and passion don’t start
& end with the fabric.

The Rogna mill puts a strong emphasis on crafting with conscience. They promote fair production by making all efforts to maintain traceability and transparency throughout their production process. Furthermore, as of 2021, the Rogna mill has run on solar energy—setting a new standard for the Made in Italy mark.

Rogna fabrics
Rogna fabrics

Filippo Rogna presenting a signature Suitsupply Fall/Winter ‘21 collection fabric in its infancy.

Rogna Collection

Pure 4-Ply Traveller Wool by Rogna, Italy
Pure Camel by Rogna, Italy
Wool Cashmere by Rogna, Italy