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Behind Our Fabrics

The Ferla Mill

EST. 1880

Ferla Mill headquarters
Ferla Mill

Region Biella, Italy

Employees 35

Est. 1880

Owned by Lanificio Egidio Ferla Spa

Mill type Wool mill

Fabrics Baby Alpaca, Silk, Linen

Ferla brings the slow back into fashion, creating fabrics with artisanal precision unlike anyone else in the business.

Creativity and technical know-how has given Ferla a distinctive style that changes with the seasons while staying true to who they are and reflecting the Biella tradition as a whole. Unlike any other weaver, they’ve set themselves apart with their signature Baby Alpaca fabric. At just 1.5% of all alpaca produced, Baby Alpaca stands miles above the rest when it comes to its softness, purity and versatility, making it a worthy alternative to even the softest cashmere. And, as the sole weaver of this prized fabric, Ferla has set their name in stone within the history of Biella’s weaving heritage.

Edigio Ferla

Paolo Ferla, Ferla owner

Ferla Boxen
Our fabrics are the perfect synthesis of our heritage, superb textile manufacturing and our constant desire to look forward to innovate. ”

Paolo Ferla, Ferla owner

innovating fabrics

Twisted Yarn — all high-end fashion brands refer to Biella when looking for top-quality and innovative fabrics.

innovating fabrics

Fabrics that evolve

Not ones to idle in the conventional, the Ferla mill's use of vibrant colors and shades that accentuate textures have given way to bold and highly refined fabrics over the years. Among our collection from this Biella mill's fabrics you'll find lustrous silk blends, richly textured Giro Inglese weaves, and, perhaps most famously, their warm, ultra-soft baby alpaca signature fabrics. Explore the season's latest offerings below.

Ferla Fabrics
Ferla's silk blends

Baby Alpaca Blends — Impressively versatile and incomparably soft.

Ferla Collection

Summer Wool Silk Linen by Ferla, Italy
Summer Wool Silk Linen by Ferla, Italy
Summer Linen Alpaca Silk by Ferla, Italy
Summer Linen Silk Wool Cotton by Ferla, Italy