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Custom Made services

Don't just fit in,
find your own perfect fit

Alter Your Fit

Shorten, lengthen, taper and more

Ready in 30 minutes to 3 days

Done by our in-store expert tailors

Up to 15 customization options

(starting at 10 CHF per change)

Collection price

Suits 349 CHF
Coats 399 CHF
Jackets 279 CHF
Waistcoats 139 CHF
Trousers 119 CHF
Shirts 99 CHF

Design Your Own

Create a Custom Made piece from scratch

Ready in 2/3 weeks

1000+ Italian and British fabrics

100+ customization options


Custom Made price

Suits 479 CHF
Coats 469 CHF
Jackets 319 CHF
Waistcoats 153 CHF
Trousers 170 CHF
Shirts 119 CHF


All Suitsupply clothing purchased “ready-to-wear” (at the store or online) can be altered in-store. Basic alterations are done within 30 minutes, while more complex alterations are in 3 days or less.

Design your own Custom Made piece from scratch, with our most comprehensive tailoring program. Custom Made allows you to choose from countless design options, and over 1000 Italian fabrics. Custom Made products are completed in 2/3 weeks.

Alter your fit Design your own
Take in/let out side seams 35.50 CHF Included
Take in center back 30.50 CHF Included
Shorten jacket length 45.50 CHF Included
Shorten/lengthen sleeves 35.50 CHF Included
Shorten sleeves from shoulder 100.50 CHF Included
Square back neck 30.50 CHF Included
Reduce collar 30.50 CHF Included
Narrowing shoulder width 100.50 CHF Included
Reduce/enlarge armhole 30.50 CHF Included
18 more advanced alterations Not available Included
Alter your fit Design your own
Take in/let out waist 20.50 CHF Included
Shorten/lengthen trousers 18.50 CHF Included
Take in/let out seat 15.50 CHF Included
Taper upper leg 30.50 CHF Included
Taper lower leg 35.50 CHF Included
Lower front waistband 27 CHF Included
18 more advanced alterations Not available Included
Alter your fit Design your own
Shorten sleeves 25.50 CHF Included
Shorten shirt length 35.50 CHF Included
Attach buttons 5 CHF Included
Take in (original side seams) 35.50 CHF Included
Take in (body darts) 15.50 CHF Included
18 more advanced alterations Not available Included

After you’ve placed an order, we will update you about following:

  1. Order in process – order is confirmed by the atelier.
  2. Shipped to store – order is sent from the atelier to store.
  3. Received in store – order has arrived at the store.
  4. Shipped to customer (only for online orders) – your order is on the way to your address.

All unworn attire, including Custom Made products, are eligible for return within 30 days of delivery. If you return your Custom Made item(s), please contact our Customer Service.

To ensure fast delivery, our tailors start creating your product as soon as the order has been placed. Therefore, it is unfortunately not possible to make changes afterwards.
If in doubt, we advise you to contact your Custom Made specialist or reach out to our online customer service team. They can cancel the order for you.

Washington fit

The Washington is a sharp, up-to-date style with a definitively modern appeal. Perfect for slender body types, it’s cut with a slightly longer jacket length, high armholes and narrow sleeves, and features a structured shoulder for a strong silhouette.

Lazio fit

The Lazio is our more modern take on the classic tailored suit. Finished with lightly padded shoulders, which are considered to be more formal.

Havana fit

The Havana’s natural shoulders are typically regarded as one of the more versatile finishes—easily adaptable to both relaxed and more formal looks. The Havana is the perfect choice for weekday or weekend styling.

Sienna fit

The Sienna is one of our most refined classic styles. Known in Italy as "spalla camicia", the sleeves have been inserted into the armholes in a way that more closely resembles a shirt, giving the jacket a more rounded and natural look.

Napoli fit

Finished with a padded shoulder for a formal appeal, the Napoli suit is a classic, versatile style that works well in any occasion.

All ready-to-wear and Custom Made suits and jackets feature a layer of cotton and horsehair canvas that ‘floats’ inside the jacket, creating structure and shape as it molds to your body over time for a truly personalized fit.